Red Brick Tavern

Red Brick Tavern is a bar and live music venue located in historic downtown Conroe, TX. For this rebrand, I considered both the tourists in the area for the rich history of South Texas and the local college crowd that would come around for live music and $2 pint specials.

Main Menu

Pictured are:

Full menu spread. In addition to the redesign, the menu was also rewritten to fit with a music theme, for example main dishes being renamed to “headliners”.

Back of menu. The photo is taken straight from the Conroe archives of a downtown parade in the 60’s.

A closer look at the left page of the spread. Feel free to zoom in!

A closer look at the right page of the spread.

Appetizer Menu

Front and back of appetizer menu. The photo is again taken from the Conroe archives, and felt appropriate for an opening act.

Bar Menu

Front and back of appetizer bar menu. The photo is taken from the archives of another Texas town but still held the same vibe as Conroe and what I was looking for in a bar image. The “roll the barrel” written in the image is highlighted and influenced the prevalent slogan throughout the design.


In addition to the menu design, I also conceptualized extras to fit the branding. These items are a bottle opener, a rubber bar mat, a guitar case, and a guitar.

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