The concept behind the Banaue brand was to explore how different cultures can enjoy the same meal or drink, including wine. In the Philippine Islands, drinks and snacks made from rice is popularly enjoyed, and Banaue was built off of this rice staple to celebrate Filipino culture. Hence the name, Banaue, which is a famous rice terrace located in the Philippine Islands.

The aesthetic of Banaue is inspired by delftware pottery, another staple popular in the Philippines, to encourage the buyer to continue to use the bottle as decoration.

Wine Bottle

I approached this project with the idea to do watercolor illustrations to mimic the look of handmade delftware pottery as well as bring tradition and heritage to the brand.

Pictured are the original watercolor images and then the watercolor elements made into assets and placed on the bottle.

Other Products

To go along with the wine, a customer can also purchase snacks through the Banaue brand. Keeping with the customs of the Phillipines and rice theme of the brand, two of the most fitting snacks are rice crackers, packaged in a metal tin, and champorado (a sweet chocolate rice pudding) mix, packaged in a recyclable paper pouch.

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