Student Design Collective

As president of the Student Design Collective at Sam Houston State University, I was in charge of creating our overall look and branding for both social media and print. The goal of SDC was to bring together those interested in graphic design to build networks, give feedback, and provide workshops valuable to designers.

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Social Media

In association with SDC’s social media manager Taylor Gagne, SDC engaged with followers through campaigns (such as encouraging our members to vote during election season and providing graphics on why voting is important), along with frequent polls and proposing questions and taking suggestions from our members.

As most of our activity and engagement was on Instagram, we focused on stories and highlights in addition to frequent posts across all of our social media platforms.


To promote our organization meetings, I also designed flyers consistent with our brand and social media. Other flyers, such as the top flyer promoting our mentor program, were also conceived by me.

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