The Aquamarine Project

The Aquamarine Project is a brand that tackles the issue of sexual assault at music festivals and concerts, along with advocating for a person’s right to put whatever clothing they desire on their body. To confront this issue, large environmental graphics were conceived and designed. The style of these designs is modeled after simple illustrations popular with the younger audience, and also implement overprinting to convey the message that no matter what clothes someone wears, they are still people underneath and have a right to their body and how they dress.


Both cyan and magenta illustrations are hand-drawn to simulate the overprinting effect. Blue illustrations represent the naked body, or feminine, and magenta represented the clothed body, or ‘acceptable’.

The above sketched assets, along with others, placed onto environmental graphics. Top row from left to right: large billboard, advertisement van, inside lounge. Bottom row left to right: outside tent and photo op sign. All of these environmental graphics are concieved to suite the music festival scene.

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