Movie Poster

Conceptual redesign for the movie Midsommar, a story of a group of Americans that travel to a small village in Sweden to celebrate the midsommar festival. This small village turns out to be a cult who sacrifices members of their own in addition to all of the tourists save for one, who is adopted into the cult. Despite the dark undertones, the film takes place in a beautiful country landscape with a never ending sunshine which gives the movie an extra eerie feeling. I wanted to convey this by making the movie poster a bright, cheerful yellow, contrasted by the bright red of blood.

Sketches & Process

When pitching the poster redesign, a few concepts were discussed. The yellow poster was chosen as the strongest and I promptly began experimenting. With a minimalistic poster design, every element had to be well-developed and visually interesting. I covered my fingers in different mediums and created several fingerprints and marks along pieces of paper. I then scanned all of the prints and implemented them into the final piece.

Final Poster

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