The creative objective for the Mavok rebrand was to match the compact nature of the pen while still appealing to artists and bullet journalists. To do this, the brand needed a sleek new logo and color scheme, a cohesive stationary set, luxurious packaging, and ephemera that would complement the pen, and a social media to keep the target audience engaged.

The primary goal of this rebrand was to give Mavok a clear identity, not a washed out one, as a minimalist everyday pen for creative hobbyists to show minimalism doesn’t forgo creativity.

Logo Development

Throughout the design process, many elements were experimented with. The main idea the logo for Mavok should encompass is a sleek, modern feel that evokes exactly what the product is: pens. A balanced mix of elegance and personality should also be present.

Logo & Stationary

This logo contains several elements that give Mavok it’s newer, classier signature feel. The calligraphic “M” is stylish and sophisticated with just enough flair.

This stationary set further pushes Mavok’s branding towards a streamlined and dignified look with visual interest created by the uncommon vertical orientation of the business card and envelope along with the cut off presentation of the logo to create a new, unique mark that is still recognizable as calligraphy and a pen.


Mavok’s primary shopping outlet is through their online store, so their packaging must be up to snuff. The mailer box is solid black with a spot varnished logo on the outside and blue tissue paper on the inside. The mailer box contains a branded metal carrying case (shown on the right) to show off the luxury of the brand.

Other Products

Front and back design for a moleskin journal to compete with other bullet journals in the market, coming in a variety of colors and made of high-grade artist paper.

A ceramic mug for Mavok’s customers who love to drink tea and journal. The color of this ceramic mug is the lightest of Mavok’s signature colors and and is decorated with a frame so that people may use their Mavok pen, which can write on ceramic, to decorate and personalize their mug however they see fit.

Social Media

The Mavok brand voice and tone will be pivotal in creating its identity. The voice and tone will be mature, trust-worthy, and emphasize the product’s reliability. This tone and voice will be conveyed through popular social media platforms such as Instagram, and Facebook, and the artistry of the brand will be shown through Youtube, which will produce content such as sketchbook tours and bullet journal spread ideas.

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